Years Of Daily Arm Numbness At Work Gone In 1 Month

After working in a profession that caused daily pain and arm numbness it was a huge relief for me to , after about 1 month of treatment from Dr. Kohl, be able to make it through a day without any arm numbness and significant less pain. I am feeling better I am very grateful to be on the road to recovery! Jessica H.

Soccer and Track (Julia G)

Julia has been treated by Dane Kohl D.C. at SPINEFIT for injuries sustained from soccer and track. She has been able to get back to sports quicker with Dr. Kohl's care.

Recoverying from an Automobile Accident

After a high-speed accident in which I was rear-ended, I knew I needed help to get back to feeling well, but not what kind. After a friendly and comfortable consultation with Dr. Kohl, I was confident in his treatment program of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and electric muscle stimulation, and before I knew it I was back to feeling better than before my accident. Thanks! Caleb V.

Claudine is under new care that is showing more results than previous doctors

Claudine has been under care with other chiropractors without full resolution of symptoms. In a few short weeks she has never felt better.